Leadership in an Artificially Intelligent World.

Leadership Development in an Artificially Intelligent World

Artificial intelligence (AI) enables computers and machines to simulate human intelligence and to problem solve. Yet, leading AI scientists say world leaders still need to wake up to AI (University of Oxford, 2024). If you are unsure what AI is then MIT (2018) designed a great flow chart to help people understand what is and what isn’t artificial intelligence…….

How do you unlock employee engagement in the workplace?

Jelly beans and employee engagement

We all spend a third of our lifetime asleep and a third of our lifetime at work (OWID, 2024), so it would be perfect if we could all enjoy our time at work. Organisations benefit with higher innovation and productivity when employees are highly engaged (Gallup, 2020)…….

How To Integrate Psychology Into Training To Deliver Optimal Results


In the UK, companies invest an average of £1,500 per employee annually on training (Employer Skills Survey, 2023). Despite this significant expenditure, many struggle to quantify the value added by these training initiatives, particularly when employing a one-size-fits-all approach known as the “sheep dip” method…….

How to create a culture of innovation? 

Culture of Innovation

How do you create a culture of innovation?  Innovation in business is the ability to conceive, develop, deliver, and scale new products, services, processes and business models for customers. ……