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Critical insight for people who don’t have mental health issues.

Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness week is approaching, and undoubtedly, numerous companies will soon be sharing positive messages about mental health and well-being. Many will follow the same well-trodden commercial marketing plans. Raising awareness is crucial, but it must lead to tangible behaviour change to truly make a difference……

What Every Leader Needs to Know About Culture Consultants


Organisational culture is the way things are done in an organisation. Organisational Psychologists are taught how to assess and shape organisational cultures. There is extensive scientific research outlining ways to define, measure or manage culture……

Individuals, Teams and Organisations Need Coaching In Adversity


Overcoming adversity and being resilient are all words which are frequently used in our workplaces today. Many leaders contact Think Organisation asking for training or coaching to help themselves, or their teams, learn how to be more resilient……

THINK: How Can You Help People and Organisations Think?

Thinking in organisations

The co-founders of Think Organisation took many months to agree what the Think Organisation should be called because of the power of words. Words possess immense power, shaping beliefs, emotions, and actions. They inspire, console, educate, and influence……

How do you unlock employee engagement in the workplace?

Jelly beans and employee engagement

We all spend a third of our lifetime asleep and a third of our lifetime at work (OWID, 2024), so it would be perfect if we could all enjoy our time at work. Organisations benefit with higher innovation and productivity when employees are highly engaged (Gallup, 2020)…….

Is Poor Leadership Fuelling the Mental Health Crisis?

mental health

Leaders impact the mental health of their team, significantly more more than Doctors and Therapists. In fact, according to 69% of people surveyed across 10 countries leaders have the biggest impact on their mental health……

Is your People Experience Missing Baked Beans or Peas?


What signs are there that you have a positive culture? What does your company do to support employees? When you receive external awards do you agree that your company deserves them? Do the social media posts portray your lived experience working in the company? Or is there a cultural mismatch between the external and internal perception?……

Is your culture delivering successful results?


A successful organisation is one which accomplishes its aim or purpose. To do this, people need to be willing, able and aligned. A culture, with highly engaged employees, has been repeatedly proven to deliver significantly higher results…..

How To Unleash Peak Performance By Transforming Your Culture.

workplace culture

In the fast-paced world of business, where every decision impacts the bottom line, organisational culture emerges as a pivotal force, it can either propel a company to new heights or impede its progress.

How do leaders ensure an organisational culture drives peak performance?……….

Are You A Frustrated Leader Because Of Team Dynamics?


Many clients come to us frustrated about the performance of others. Wasted time, effort or poor quality results from individuals often lead to a whole team not adding the expected value.

Team: is a group of people working together for a common purpose, objective or goal……

Is your toxic culture affecting your well-being?

Toxic Work Culture

We have all been there when we start a new job. The organisation described the culture as ‘welcoming, ethical and focused on equality for all’ to recruits. However, the traditions, behaviours and attitudes of the leadership quickly showed this was the ‘wallpaper’ covering an old, unfair and highly sexist business culture…….

Building artificial human relationships in the workplace. 

Artificial Human Relationships

Human relationships have changed, exponentially in recent years. Whilst face-to-face communication has traditionally been viewed as the most effective and efficient way to satisfy human needs for social connectedness (Grieve, 2013), technology platforms have increasingly been used to enhance and satisfy the same connectedness needs. But is there a downside?……

How to create a culture of innovation? 

Culture of Innovation

How do you create a culture of innovation?  Innovation in business is the ability to conceive, develop, deliver, and scale new products, services, processes and business models for customers. ……