Inclusion: Why Organisations Need to Stop Making Inclusion Exclusive

Red plastic toy figure standing away from a group of multicolour toy plastic figures all gathered under a glass jar.

Inclusion is when someone, or something, feels or is part of a group. Inclusion can be a state, or an action. Behaviour can promote inclusion, or promote exclusion. A culture of inclusion is when a group of people consistently behave in ways which ensure everyone feels valued and accepted……

The Importance of Human Behaviour and Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere.

First invented in 1950s, it is only recently that Artificial intelligence has become so prolific across society as a whole. Ten years ago AI was still a dream for the majority of us. (Deutsch, 2012)……

What Every Leader Needs to Know About Culture Consultants


Organisational culture is the way things are done in an organisation. Organisational Psychologists are taught how to assess and shape organisational cultures. There is extensive scientific research outlining ways to define, measure or manage culture……

Is your toxic culture affecting your well-being?

Toxic Work Culture

We have all been there when we start a new job. The organisation described the culture as ‘welcoming, ethical and focused on equality for all’ to recruits. However, the traditions, behaviours and attitudes of the leadership quickly showed this was the ‘wallpaper’ covering an old, unfair and highly sexist business culture…….