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Obehi Alofoje

Obehi Alofoje is a qualified psychologist and behavioural change specialist who works with high-performing individuals and teams.

She has helped over 600 clients overcome traumatic experiences, which had affected their mental health.

She delivers simple but effective mental wellbeing and productivity strategies designed to help leaders and their teams thrive at work, thereby preventing the increase of professional burnout and the decline of mental health in a post-COVID era.  

   Following the trauma of three family bereavements, as well as professional burnout, Obehi continues to use her psychology and coaching skills in an impactful way to help employees build the resilience that would enable them to ride through any personal or professional adversity.

She believes that everyone has the right to a fulfilling life, where they realise their own potential, can work productively, and make a positive contribution to their own communities.

She has been featured on NBC New York Live and is a contributing writer for the online publication Psychology Today.    

When she’s not helping people run their world, she’s travelling the globe again, one corner at a time, soaking up diverse cultures, and sampling yummy local cuisines.