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Jane Cordell

Jane Cordell is the Co-Director of Result CIC, a social enterprise supporting marginalised people with coaching and training to become ‘confidently different’.

Jane is an experienced teacher, trainer, coach and public speaker. Originally a professional orchestral musician, she draws positively on her lived experience of becoming profoundly deaf in her mid-20s and of subsequent exclusion and career discrimination in all her work.

Jane’s career has included F.E lecturing, editing, 10 years in the British Diplomatic service, including 4 working in Poland daily using Polish language.

Her leadership roles have included Chairing DaDaFest (Deaf and Disability Arts) and working as a trustee for Disability Rights UK and Manchester Deaf Centre. She was Executive Chair for Unlimited Potential, Salford and is a Board member for the Arts Marketing Association.

She has twice been named in the Power 100 of the UK’s most influential Disabled People and received an honorary fellowship from Liverpool John Moores University in 2018 for her work on disability rights.