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Culture Scientists

Welcome to Think Organisation, where we are not just experts in cultivating high-performance cultures — we are Culture Scientists. Our mission is to provide a unique blend of advanced organisational diagnostics and bespoke executive coaching, a fusion designed to revolutionise your workplace environment from the core.


Our founding team, experts in business psychology and executive coaching, operates with a methodology that sets us apart. By meticulously studying and understanding the nuances of organisational dynamics, we craft strategies that lead to transformational change.

Scientific Approach

This scientific approach underpins our ability to significantly enhance leadership effectiveness and boost organisational efficiency. We delve deep into your organisation’s mechanics, applying our expertise to build meaningful, lasting change.

Achieving Sustainable Transformation

We don’t settle for simply offering advice — we are committed to achieving sustainable transformation.

Steph Durbin | Executive Coach
Steph Durbin | Executive Coach
Sarah Clarke
Sarah Clarke | Business Psychologist
Companies with a strong corporate culture see a 4x increase in revenue growth compared to companies with a weak culture.
source - Harvard Business Review

Measurable Improvements

Our approach is rigorous yet tailored, evidence-based, and infused with real-world executive experience. This ensures that our strategy aligns precisely with your organisation’s unique goals and culture. As Culture Scientists, our interventions penetrate beyond the superficial layers, leading to measurable improvements in performance metrics and cultivating a more engaged, innovative, and resilient leadership team.

Scientific Principles

Think Organisation stands out in the consultancy landscape. We are not just consultants; we are architects of culture, employing scientific principles to build the foundations and frameworks that enable organisations to thrive from the inside out.

Foremost Experts

Partner with us at Think Organisation and experience the power of a culture meticulously designed for excellence. Embrace your future with confidence, clarity, and profound insights from working with the foremost experts in organisational transformation — your dedicated team of Culture Scientists.

Accelerating Transformational Change

Rapidly Evolving Business Landscape

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organisations face the challenge of adapting to shifting market demands and a workforce that seeks deeper connections with their employers. The quest for a workplace that resonates with purpose and aligns with personal values has never been more pressing.

Cultural Expertise

Amidst this transformation, businesses must maintain a high-performing, values-led culture that attracts and retains top talent, Which is where Think Organisation’s cultural expertise becomes pivotal.

Real-world Impact

Our methodology, steeped in psychology and behavioural science principles, is designed to navigate these complexities. We offer a roadmap to change that is theoretical and practically proven to have real-world impact. Investing in culture with Think Organisation means choosing a path that leads to a demonstrable uplift in motivation and engagement within your team.

47% of organisations that have very successful company cultures saw significant revenue increases in the past year compared to just 9% of those with less successful or unsuccessful company cultures.
source - Arbinger

With Think Organisation, your company gains access to a suite of quantifiable strategies with metrics that clearly articulate the evolution of your organisational culture.

This ensures that every step contributes to a robust, dynamic, and high-performance workplace.

Why Think Organisation can help

Effective and Science-Based Change

Experience impactful transformations with our proven change strategies. Utilising insights from psychology and behavioural science, we help implement changes that truly work and deliver meaningful outcomes for your organisation.

Our focus on developing a strong, value-driven culture can help your organisation achieve higher performance. Our approach helps develop a culture that aligns with your core values and business objectives, resulting in tangible benefits.

Track and celebrate significant team motivation and engagement enhancements through our clear and measurable metrics. This data-driven approach allows you to see the real impact of our strategies on your organisation’s performance.

Our methodologies help you adapt to your business’s ever-changing landscape. We tailor our approaches to meet your organisation’s needs, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in a dynamic business environment.

Elevate your leadership capabilities with our expert team, combining the best of business psychology and executive coaching. Our guidance enhances leadership skills and decision-making, benefiting your organisation’s strategic direction and culture.

Benefit from tailored strategies uniquely designed to fit your company’s goals and cultural characteristics. Our custom solutions ensure that every aspect of our service aligns seamlessly with your organisation’s unique identity and objectives.

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